Monday, June 01, 2009

island twit

Of course Rotto is on Twitter. Nearly everyone else is.

Now we're over our astonishment of this ultra-modern development for WA's island paradise, we can see how it couod be helpful. Alerts about cancelled ferries. Other nautical news. Will the papers be late? Send out a tweet.

We'd like to see a tweet when the jam doughnuts are down to 25 per cent left. Or a reminder about what's on at the picture hall. The best one would be being able to lounge at Dome until you get your tweet your bungalow is ready, instead of nipping down to the office every 20 minutes and anxiously scanning the LED readout.

What else? There were a flurry (well, three) tweets about the shark sightings last month. A couple on the room deals. Wind conditions, the opening of Aristos' new eatery, and other bits and pieces.

One sleep to go. That luxurious spot on Nappy Alley with "superior view" (ie of the water) looms ever closer.


  1. I'm sure you and your tribe will have a good time David. I heard the Dome did the best fish and chips. When will you be back? Paul.

  2. I hope that you will post lots of photos of Rotto as it is today - it has been almost 15 years since I was last there, so I am sure that things have changed alot. I was really concerned at the time as the businesses were being taken over by "larger" enterprises and I thought that some of the I was about to say "roughness" or "mum and dad" apeal would be lost, but that sounds so clichéd and probably naive, anyway, I loved Rotto in the old days, a bit rough a need to live with the fact that the showers were salt, the need for special shampoo, the fact that there was only one store at Thompsons and that the pub was pretty basic - you had to actually entertain yourself. Something that even back then people were forgetting how to do. Anyway have a great time, but for someone living that far away that a holiday at Rotto is extremely remote - some photos of the old places would be nice.. in case you are feeling indulgent.