Monday, November 29, 2010

Rott lobster

The only flaw in this Fairfax Rottnest report is botching Thomson.

At least, that is the only flaw we can see in the account of yesterday's "JD Set" on the beautiful island.

"The quokkas wouldn't have known what hit them as a raunchy crowed of tattooed youths with fringe-heavy haircuts flooded Rottnest Island yesterday to see two of Australia's hottest rock bands," Fran Rimrod says.

Swearing, heat, shirtless performers, insolence to bouncers and an "unhinged crowd" follow: tremendous stuff.

The report is tied up with a narrative ribbon: "And while the quokkas slipped through the iron fence to catch a glimpse at some of Australia's finest contemporary rock music, the venue was packed, with the organisers having to turn away a lot of island hoppers who weren't lucky enough to have a ticket."

Saturday, November 27, 2010

lets make body health

We are pleased to report the tidal wave of good publicity surges on: Rottnest has fans all over the world, including Cyprus.

Lets Make Body Health With Bicycling in Cyprus has the "skivvy" on the beautiful island and it's all good news.

"Thе Western Australia capital οf Perth offers ѕο much tο thе holiday maker. Thеrе аrе historical monuments, grеаt shopping аnd dining аnd nightlife аll іn a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere," it starts.

The luminous coast, the setting sun a blaze of orange, nudist beach, wine buffs or beer tipplers - gorgeous wonderful.

Then we get to the really good stuff:

"Another treat fοr nature lovers іѕ thе small island οf Rottnest, accessible via a short ferry trip frοm Perth City, Fremantle οr Hillarys. It’s home tο thе small marsupials known аѕ Quokka.

"Known locally аѕ “Rotto”, Rottnest Island hаѕ a chequered history having bееn used аѕ a prison colony, farm, governor’s residence аnd military training zone over thе years. Nο cars аrе allowed οn thе island bυt іt саn gеt busy wіth locals especially during school holidays.

"Othеr thаn relaxing аnd enjoying nature, Rottnest Island іѕ аlѕο a grеаt рlасе fοr activities such аѕ cycling, swimming, sunbathing, аnd especially, snorkelling аnd scuba diving. Thе waters аrе сlеаn аnd thе seabed іѕ home tο coral reefs аnd shipwrecks."

It all adds up to making excellent body health!

Friday, November 26, 2010

better than bell tower

More hard news about the beautiful island from POST Newspapers.

These one-par sentences are agreeably haiku-esque.

Or are they Hemingway-esque?


Rottnest has come runner up in a major category in the WA Tourism Awards.

The island scored a silver medal in the major tourist attractions award.

Perth Zoo got the gold and the Perth bell tower got bronze.

Matilda Bay Restaurant in Crawley won bronze in the tourism restaurant and catering services category.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our Rottnest Holiday

More literary goodness about the beautiful island!

Our Rottnest Holiday is not as long as the book we looked at yesterday: it's a mere 13 pages.

But it's just as good, and of course it has also had the full POST Newspapers treatment...

A new kids' picture book about Rottnest is dedicated to a three year old who was killed on the island last year.

Tazli Bowe's Our Rottnest Holiday is an illustrated book that shows what fun the island is for youngsters.

“It's about two kids' first island holiday,” Tazli said.

“They stay in a house right on the beach and go on a boat, ride bikes, visit the fun park and friends in Geordie Bay and build a sandcastle.”

One of the scenes was going to show their father lying in a hammock.

But Tazli changed it after last year's tragic pillar collapse that claimed the life of young Thomas Brasier.

“That was awful and so sad,” said Tazli, who has two sons: Johnny, 5, and James, 3.

“Through a mutual friend I spoke to Thomas' mum and asked if she would like to have 'In memory of Thomas' at the front of the book.

“She was happy about it and I am looking forward to meeting her at the book launch.”

Tazli's story is based on the story she told Johnny after he returned from his first Rottnest holiday.

“I put the words down in a day – but it took me a year to find an illustrator and get it printed,” she said.

She found gifted English born illustrator Tom Swift, who hadn't been to Rottnest.

“I don't think he's even seen a quokka in real life but his drawings are wonderful,” Tazli said.

The book will be launched on Thursday, November 25, from 10am to noon at 82 Redfern Street, Subiaco.

Coffee and cake will be served.

Our Rottnest Holiday costs $10 and is on sale at Subiaco Dymocks, Fun House Toys in Shenton Park, and at the Rottnest chemist and Geordie Bay store.

It can also be ordered direct from Tazli via

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bulk Goon

"One of the best books we've read this year" - Rotto Bloggo.

(And we've read a few).

See this scoop that was in POST Newspapers last week...

A year 12 student plans to import hundreds of cartons of alcohol to Rottnest Island during leavers' week.

The teenager, whose name is Bree, expects to make a big profit from her business.

“There's gunna be bulk goon everywhere,” she said.

Her boyfriend admired her entrepreneurial skills.

“In business, breaking the law and getting away with it is considered excellence,” he said...

The above is how a report about Bree and Simon might read if it was in the POST.

But the two youngsters are main characters in City Beach author Martin Chamber's latest novel.

Bulk Goon is set on Rottnest during leavers and Martin says it has wide appeal.

“It's a great holiday read for anybody who has teenage kids, who is a teenage kid, or anybody who loves Rottnest,” he said.

Goon is slang for alcohol: Bree and Simon plan to get nearly 350 cartons of TED – Tooheys Extra Dry – and other beverages to thirsty year 12s who want to have fun both in the sun and after dark.

“I'm 53 and went to Wesley,” Martin said.

“Leavers was never a big thing in my day.

“You left school, nothing happened and then you got a part-time job.”

Martin's two daughters did leavers, though: it was a concern.

“I remember being absolutely terrified at the time,” he said.

“I was thinking about booking a holiday to Alaska and taking them far away from any trouble.

“But then I talked with other parents and realised there is paranoia about leavers and it gets blown up by the media.”

Some characters in Bulk Goon express the same view.

The fiction has a perceptive and sympathetic portrayal of police on Rottnest, especially the senior sergeant in charge of law enforcement on the island.

“Lots could go wrong during leavers,” the officer reflects, “but children were more likely to die from skin cancer or falling off a bike than anything else.”

Martin said it was important to have real names in the book to help set the story's realism.

“I have used the real names of schools but that is where the fact ends and the fiction begins,” he said.

“In no way am I implying anything in the character of the schools mentioned or that the schools themselves are in any way involved.”

Writing the 30,000 word novel took Martin about 12 months.

“I started it about two years ago,” he said.

“I find things are best with writing if you forget about it for a year, come back to it and polish it.”

Bulk Goon already has its fans and detractors.

“Just like a training manual with a story,” a year 11 student says, “every school leaver should get a copy.

But a parent says: “This book ought to be banned.”

Martin is not aiming to retire to Thomson Bay on sales.

“My kayaking guide gets about $30 a year in royalties,” he said.

“Bulk Goon is a very local story.”

Bulk Goon costs $14.95 from or the Well Bookshop in Shenton park, the Lane in Claremont, the Rottnest general store, and the Chart and Map Shop in Fremantle.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

isle of dogs

Big it up for Kate 'Media Ball hostess' Ferguson: the West TV reporter has 2.19 on schoolies arriving at the beautiful island here.

Get past the 15 second ad and you'll see sniffer labradors, ferry shots, a bloke with blue hair, police searching wallets, a shot of Runciman and a whole lot more Rottnest goodness.

A long way from Korean missiles - and Rotto Bloggo is thankful.

Sunday, November 21, 2010


We were provoked into activity again yesterday after a three month holiday: that **** at The Worst of Perth commented yet again on our inactivity.

We have set up Rotto Bloggo to be able to post from the iPhone, which may make regular updates easier.

It's not as if there is a shortage of news from the beautiful island: the admirable Fremantlebiz has blogged on the hotel, too.

From tomorrow you have 11 working days to send in your views: we have pasted in Fremantlebiz's below...

Please provide comment on what aspects of the proposed hotel design appeal to you.

The project is timely, it proposes to make use of a neglected area and the selected company appears to have aesthetic values.

Please provide comment on any suggested improvements you think should be made to the proposed hotel design.

1. I feel that exotic Morton Bay fig trees shout not be included in the planting schedule, as is mentioned in the Pinctada extract.

2. The interior fireplaces depicted in the illustrations seem to be dependent on real wood for fuel. This is not in keeping with best practice in our environmentally aware society. There are attractive faux-wood gas heaters if required.

3. Perhaps there should be less emphasis on the use of the word 'hotel' which still has negative connotations for Rottnest. Resort? Retreat? Haven?

4. Unfortunately the online plans cannot be magnified, so it is impossible to read some of text associated with the drawings.

5. The 'heritage' water tanks should be adapted for some pragmatic use. For example an imaginative architectural conversion into unique accommodation.

Please provide any additional comments that you would like to make regarding the proposed hotel design.

I have some questions.

1. I understand that a low fence will be used to stop quokka entry. How will the animals be prevented from using pedestrian and vehicular access points? Furthermore the Pinctada extract claims there is a "ballooning quokka population." Can this be substantiated by up-to-date scientific evidence. I gained the impression from casual observations during visits this year that had been a decline of animals in several locations.

2. During the construction period will the builders be obliged to remove rubble back to the mainland? This includes concrete and bitumen materials which will be lifted from the old water catchment surface. I am aware that in the recent past the island authority has allowed dumping of a substantial quantity of demolition materials out of sight near the southern side of the airstrip. In my view this is an undesirable practice.

3. Will the general public be free to access any part of the grounds of the resort after completion, or is it to be maintained totally as an exclusive enclave?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

WA or too large?

Apathy-busting or too embiggening?