Sunday, November 21, 2010


We were provoked into activity again yesterday after a three month holiday: that **** at The Worst of Perth commented yet again on our inactivity.

We have set up Rotto Bloggo to be able to post from the iPhone, which may make regular updates easier.

It's not as if there is a shortage of news from the beautiful island: the admirable Fremantlebiz has blogged on the hotel, too.

From tomorrow you have 11 working days to send in your views: we have pasted in Fremantlebiz's below...

Please provide comment on what aspects of the proposed hotel design appeal to you.

The project is timely, it proposes to make use of a neglected area and the selected company appears to have aesthetic values.

Please provide comment on any suggested improvements you think should be made to the proposed hotel design.

1. I feel that exotic Morton Bay fig trees shout not be included in the planting schedule, as is mentioned in the Pinctada extract.

2. The interior fireplaces depicted in the illustrations seem to be dependent on real wood for fuel. This is not in keeping with best practice in our environmentally aware society. There are attractive faux-wood gas heaters if required.

3. Perhaps there should be less emphasis on the use of the word 'hotel' which still has negative connotations for Rottnest. Resort? Retreat? Haven?

4. Unfortunately the online plans cannot be magnified, so it is impossible to read some of text associated with the drawings.

5. The 'heritage' water tanks should be adapted for some pragmatic use. For example an imaginative architectural conversion into unique accommodation.

Please provide any additional comments that you would like to make regarding the proposed hotel design.

I have some questions.

1. I understand that a low fence will be used to stop quokka entry. How will the animals be prevented from using pedestrian and vehicular access points? Furthermore the Pinctada extract claims there is a "ballooning quokka population." Can this be substantiated by up-to-date scientific evidence. I gained the impression from casual observations during visits this year that had been a decline of animals in several locations.

2. During the construction period will the builders be obliged to remove rubble back to the mainland? This includes concrete and bitumen materials which will be lifted from the old water catchment surface. I am aware that in the recent past the island authority has allowed dumping of a substantial quantity of demolition materials out of sight near the southern side of the airstrip. In my view this is an undesirable practice.

3. Will the general public be free to access any part of the grounds of the resort after completion, or is it to be maintained totally as an exclusive enclave?

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