Monday, November 29, 2010

Rott lobster

The only flaw in this Fairfax Rottnest report is botching Thomson.

At least, that is the only flaw we can see in the account of yesterday's "JD Set" on the beautiful island.

"The quokkas wouldn't have known what hit them as a raunchy crowed of tattooed youths with fringe-heavy haircuts flooded Rottnest Island yesterday to see two of Australia's hottest rock bands," Fran Rimrod says.

Swearing, heat, shirtless performers, insolence to bouncers and an "unhinged crowd" follow: tremendous stuff.

The report is tied up with a narrative ribbon: "And while the quokkas slipped through the iron fence to catch a glimpse at some of Australia's finest contemporary rock music, the venue was packed, with the organisers having to turn away a lot of island hoppers who weren't lucky enough to have a ticket."

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  1. Anonymous4:53 AM

    A tsunami of noise, no less. It must have made quite an impression on all the non-bogan tourist-visitors to the island. I'd guess survivors will be telling their friends about their Rotto experience for years to come.