Saturday, June 06, 2009

day 5 in haven

Here we are in the haven for the rich. Rotto Bloggo would like to distance ourselves from any perception people who spend time here are loaded. (Mind you, the pic of that Bolly bottle the other day was noted by a couple of people).

You save and save for a nice bottle of sparkling and for your Rottnest holiday and yet people still are so critical. The rest of the time we've been on stale bread and tap water. Honest.

Speaking of bread. This week some of the bakery's output was burnt and not for sale. Oops. Fortunately our $5.50 vegetarian pasty was unburnt.

We had our pasty on another epic fishing trip. First was Armstrong Point. We pulled in cod (or cobbler). Then we moved to Little Armstrong Bay, which yielded more cod/cobbler, herring, an angry black thing (pictured) which was returned to the deep, and a wrasse, which was also thrown back.

No whiting or tailor. Perhaps next time. But we did see the moon, bobtail goannas, quokkas and various craft out on the water.

The women had a swim but didn't detect the warming surge of the Leeuwin Current. It was freezing.

Another day in (non-rich haven) paradise.

Tomorrow it could be time to hike out to the West End and whale-watch.

We've knocked off David Lodge's Therapy (marvellous). Mrs Rotto Bloggo knocked off On Chesil Beach (absorbing).

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  1. Anonymous8:45 AM

    If you are there for another week would you like a box of groceries bunged on the ferry? You can pay me later. Paul. :)