Wednesday, June 03, 2009

herring happiness

What a fabulous day. Minigolf, a late lunch of antipasto and cheese and wasabi mayo, reading, and then epic fishing off the army jetty.

We came home with a dozen herring, but it was a cold hard slog. Half an hour in there was driving rain and a piercing wind. Our fingers went numb. More than one herring jumped off the hook as it was being pulled from the water.

Never mind. These things are good for character. The fillets are safely in the fridge ready for breakfast tomorrow.

The minigolf was fun. But the course is a blend of run-down and renovated. See pic for an associate having to dig his ball out of the ground.

The steep bakery prices have also been mentioned - inevitably. Our sources revealed to us the bread is cheaper on Christmas Island (another Indian Ocean wonder of the world). What to do? Not a lot.

Can't wait to smoke some of that herring. The octopus is next.

Rottnest: perfect one day, sublime the next. Some associates went to the museum today, behind the store: interesting information, fascinating displays, helpful staff...contrast that for $16.50 for an apple danish, two very ordinary coffees in styrofoam cups and a jam donut for $15.60.

Tomorrow: more fishing, act up about muzak on Rotto, buy more bait, and a nice sleep-in.

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  1. Man, don't forget my herring... you can't even get your hands on whitebait here on the mainland right now.