Wednesday, June 03, 2009

day 2

We watched the first Rottnest Express ferry come in from our premium view pad. Seagulls are squawking. Last night's rain is evaporating. Does it get any better than this?

Well, it could. Frankly we're a little disappointed our place doesn't have a name. The names run out halfway down Nappy Alley/South Thomson. There are bungalows called Love, Ship, Gull et al - but ours is just a number.

Imagine having a place named after you here. Now that is happening. Rotto Bloggo dreams of the day we can book into Cohen. It's be like being called Onslow, and living on Onslow Road - but like a hundred times better.

What's on for today? Once our hangover is safely out of the way there could be some mini-golf at the Brett Heady Family Fun Park. And it could be timely to wet a line later.

Mrs Rotto Bloggo is keen to test out her new wheels. We're calling them the K-Rudd Pistachio Pathfinder, as it was thanks to the PM's generosity she bought it. She also refers to it as Kevin, which isn't quite distinguished enough, we think. It's getting top treatment so far: as soon as it started to rain last night it was brought in to a warm dry place and had a rub-down with a towel.

More pics later today...


  1. Ah, day two already. Hope it's not too wet for you. Paul.

  2. I'm jealous!
    Shots of Kevin's maiden voyage around the bays please.

  3. Excellent, one must ofcourse always have a botle of Bolly on hand when one is on the fair isle. I am a veuve girl myself but hey, so long as it is cold...
    Compliments to Mrs RB for the attire, love both colour and style.