Tuesday, June 09, 2009

day 6 west end boys and girls

We've had tougher trips out to the West End. We once went on an old bike with no gears. It took half a day.

Yesterday's 10.5km cycle to the other end of the island was fabulous. And when we got there we had the place to ourselves for a while, until a contractor's vehicle arrived.

It's so quiet here during the week in winter.

We ambled along the walkways inspecting the goannas and lizards. Then we went down to the beach. We scrambled out to Rottnest's most-western point. We wanted to edge out along the reef to the most-western rocks, but there was a surging surf and sanity prevailed.

Lunch and a swim, and then on the way back we stopped off at Cathedral Rocks to see the seals.

Another stop and Green Island where we swam with the herring and salmon, found a squid jig on the floor of the bay, and was mildly disconcerted to find a huge black stingray swimming below us.

No fishing at Green Island - the jetty had three people on it - so we went to Parakeet and hauled in one herring.

Home for roasted gnocchi and vegetables and some quality plonk. Even though the reception is terrible we sat through Media Watch on the ABC. The reception on other channels is better, so we caught up with the Tracey Grimshaw/Gordon Ramsay bunfight.

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  1. How did Kevin hold up? Any photos?