Thursday, June 04, 2009

day 3

It's cold, wet, windy - perfect Rottnest weather.

The whole morning has been spent inside our (unnamed) premium view villa. Reading (books and newspapers), eating, bickering over how to make coffee, having the odd Pinteresque conversation, watching the black clouds scoot overhead...delightful.

(There may be a break in the weather: Mrs Rotto Bloggo reports the sun is shining on the natural jetty. Mr Percival and confreres are bobbing about).

Today's pics are the sunrise, a bit of rope on the beach we thought was flotsam but turned out to be someone's tie, and RB hard at work on Teh Intertubes.

We also had a look at Dez Smith's pictures of Rotto.

Time for a holiday haiku...

Heaving seas outside
But winter is content in
Placid Thomson Bay.

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  1. Beautiful - compliments to the wife on the t-shirt. She is becoming quite the fashion icon of rotto