Thursday, June 25, 2009


More travel writing on the beautiful island: Charlene dropped in on Anzac Day and had a blast.

The early start wasn't ideal (“woke up at freaking 6am just to catch the ferry”) and there were complications before she reached the safety of Thomson Bay (“changed to another ferry to rottenest, which btw was rather torturous”).

The motion of the ocean was a concern: “even people like me who never get motion sickness, couldn’t really breathe properly.”

But once safely on firm sandstone the insights began to flow: “i honestly think it’s a place meant for cycling, everywhere you see cyclists around”.

She even snapped a pic of the Wadjemup tour bus: “haha this is not our bus, but took a picture of it cause it looks nice”.

What is the cutest thing about Rotto? Charlene has a good idea: “QUOKKAS! sooooooo freaking cute! i want want want one, even though they poop alot!”

Riding around the island meant more unforgettable sights: “an actual sunken ship from a century ago”.

The summary? “a Saturday well-spent!”.

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