Friday, June 19, 2009


A Rotto Bloggo reader asked about the forthcoming film and comedy festival on the beautiful island - blow us down if this isn't in tomorrow's Post:

'A film and comedy festival is set for Rottnest Island, but authorities are being tardy with details.
'The Rottnest Island Authority announced the event on its Twitter feed this week.
'"We're getting ready for our brand new film and comedy festival! Detail soon," it said.
'But the authority said information would be "drip drip", to keep people in suspense.'

What's up with this bloke? He strikes the same pose in many of his photos, some of which are on the beautiful island. He reminds us of The Tourist Guy.

Much more soothing is this underwater video of watery Rotto delights. It was taken in January and you can see "...buff bream, wobbegong shark, massive bull stingrays, western blue devil, juvenile jewfish, talma, scalyfin being cleaned, a crayfish being bagged, the skipper freediving and much more."

Rotto Bloggo had to drive to Freo today to transact some business. On the way there the island was peeking through the weather. But on the way back the weather was wilder than Patti Chong's hair, and Rottnest was obscured by rain.


  1. Just lovely. (the video that is)... not the bloke...

  2. "wilder than Patty's hair" hee hee.

    blow me down indeed... doing some freelancing?

  3. Anonymous12:02 AM

    it's going to be laugh-a-minute on Rotto. why have you not been invited??

  4. Great to see a Rotto bloggo :-) First time visitor from East Coast area of U.S. few weeks ago. Now back in US going through my pics :-)