Monday, June 08, 2009

day 6

You might have been to Rottnest a hundred times but you always find something new to marvel over.

Yesterday was another fabulous day. After a leisurely breakfast in the forecourt of our premium view pad we ventured out.

(The place was tres busy yesterday. Many people over for the Sunday session at the hotel. Many boats out in Thomson Bay. One was called Kost-U-Moet. It was lively Saturday night, and then yesterday most of the boats departed.)

Anyway...we walked south of South Thomson to the natural jetty and watched the waves crash from two directions.

Then we trekked south by Bickley Bay to Bickley Point, marvelled at Wallace Island and Jubilee Rocks, and then strode inland.

We'd never seen the Bickley Point Battery Trail before and learnt new things about the island's WWII history.

On Bickley Bay Mrs Rotto Bloggo saw a carcase - a bird, possibly a seagull, maybe something bigger. Not even her vet nurse healing hands could bring it back to life.

As you can see from the photos the vistas are magnificent.

After out stroll we pigged out at Dome, read (we're on Bled to the Gutter by John Phillips, Mrs RB knocked off Cormac McCarthy's The Road) and then ate pasta and chocolate pudding for dinner.

The pink sky at sunset was very Rottnest and extremely soothing. We almost forgot about the swine flue scare in the western suburbs.

Agreeable. It was so restful watching people pack to leave while we are staying here.

Next post: our epic journey to the West End, and how we nearly did a Steve Irwin.

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