Friday, June 05, 2009

unlikely tail

Another wonderful day in paradise.

We went for a big bike ride. We explored the delights of Parakeet Bay (and saw the littlest Rottnest beach ever).

We saw a bobtail goanna sunning itself on the side of the road on the way to Parakeet.

It was all sun, sand and the freshest air in the world.

But: it wasn't quite all sweetness and light. There was a medical emergency. At Longreach, between unit 801 and the public toilets, we espied a quokka who was in poor shape. He was, in a phrase, in lateral recumbancy.

Mrs RB - a healing-hands vet nurse - was quickly off her bike and at the side of the patient. She immediately recognised a dodgy tail (or, for you non-medical readers, a tail afflicted with a noma).

What to do? We called the ranger. Hopefully he arrived in good time.

Otherwise, it was more Scrabble, a room-full of journos with much alcohol and pizza, opportunistic seagulls, postcards home, a long black at Dome, discussion of the Easter Cup, crayons (don't ask), and a quick trip to the pub.

Tomorrow promises to be even better: a journey to the West End is on the cards. Watch this space...

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