Sunday, June 14, 2009

ferry fine

You know you’re on Rottnest when you can set your clock by the ferry.

We’d be gazing at Thomson Bay each morning – thinking about what to do that day, musing on how marvellous Rotto is, pondering whether Kevin Rudd would sound more credible if her impersonated Claire Werbeloff instead of Barry McKenzie – and the Rottnest Express ferry would arrive on the dot of eight AM.

Rottnest Express is the ferry of choice for Rotto Bloggo. Mrs RB wouldn’t entrust Kevin, her pistachio Pathfinder, to anyone else.

Rottnest Express delivered our papers every morning and got us to and from the gorgeous holiday island.

The staff are excellent: we were able to change our return trip with no worries, and we’ve even included here a pic of the safety demonstration on board.

They have the best-looking craft, and provide a very comfortable trip.

AND the company supports Canteen.

Here are some pics of the RE ferry and staff in action today, plus a bonus shot of one of their coaches.

Rottnest Express provided our ferry tix for free. We’re grateful!

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  1. Anonymous4:52 AM

    haha thats me. =)
    and oceanic have gone bust. interesting thing to investigate?