Friday, June 05, 2009

day 4

The promise of high drama last night. An associate reported five drunken youths trying to force beer down a quokka's throat at the hotel. Mrs RB grabbed her torch, I checked I had the ranger's number in my phone, and off we went in search of any wrongdoing.

But all was quiet. Plenty of quokkas roaming around, but none looked drunk or distressed.

Yesterday was another wonderful day in paradise. Fed the herring scraps to the gulls on the beach and had the fish for lunch. Went to the army jetty again to watch an associate reeling in many herring. Marvellous eggplant moussaka for dinner. Won a game of Scrabble, lost a game of Scrabble. Went on walks. Watched the evening TV news - that doesn't happen often, as we're rarely home before it's on. Everyone is very upset at The Chaser.

Finished our first book: a Japanese novel called Ring. It was only three stars. A journalist discovers four people die exactly a week after watching a video. He finds the video and watches it - and thus has a week to live unless he works out what he has to do. Over-written and implausible. And the story continues in the next book.

Have now started on an essay collection, and David Lodge's Therapy. A pic today shows the pile of books to be consumed.

Other pics are of Mrs RB watching clips of The Triffids on YouTube, some night quokka action, and a night pic of the hotel.

No firm plans for today. But we're sure it will be fabulous.

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