Tuesday, June 09, 2009

day 8 nautical but nice

First, some answers to readers' questions:
Liz, Mrs Rotto Bloggo says Kevin is "performing well, but needs a few minor adjustments once back on the mainland". It's believed these changes involve (but aren't restricted to) the handlebars. Mrs RB has only had to get off the bike once, which is a substantial improvement on previous trips.
Cookster: the dugite situation is manageable. In that there have been none, it's too cold for them. You can't see the dugites for the black skinks.
Paul: thanks for the offer of a box of vegies. But send more Bolly.

Today has been nautical. Imagine our excitement when from the comfort of our luxury premium view pad we spotted a submarine. Our photo here may not be absolutely crystal-clear. But we can assure you that tiny black blob on the horizon is a big black submarine, steaming full speed ahead on the surface. We heard a sound like a rusty washing machine being tossed down a ravine, but that doesn't mean it was an Australian Collins class sub. The sound and vision may well have been unrelated.

A long walk today took in the Thomson Bay wildlife. Mrs RB perched on a cliff, fruitlessly searching for a dolphin sighting. She's seen seals and pelicans, and she wants to cross dolphins, whales and turtles off her list too. No joy today - perhaps tomorrow? We did see what might have been a krill ball thrashing about in the water, which raised our hopes of seeing a dolphin, but not just yet.

Later we angled off the army jetty. A combination of weather, time of day and portents meant we caught four-fifths of fuck-all. No herring for breakfast tomorrow.

Incidentally, this morning's herring was a real treat. Not smoked: fried in a hot pan, tail and all. It led to a stinky kitchen, much smoke that nearly set off the alarm, and a terribly scorched pan that took a lot of elbow grease to get clean again. But the fish? It. Was. Delicious.

At the time of writing it's dark. Nautical things have been put aside for now. An associate is farting on the couch - it may be time for some fresh air and a walk down to the army jetty. It must have been the lentils for lunch and beans for dinner.

Tomorrow? Only time will tell. It might be raining...big sleep in, or brave the elements for another epic fishing experience?

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