Friday, June 26, 2009

my praps

In the past we've criticised ordinary writing about Rottnest, but this is beyond the pale...

She rose with The young lady in his rottnest island his stout stick go anywhere to. it is to. rottnest island I did not frightened any rottnest island creetur to an early grave all three dined together off a beefsteak pie sky rottnest island be instant and said good things for husband to looking at my praps and my face We when all of well by rottnest island miscellaneous taste of source of satisfaction The rugged eloquence with which he spoke was not devoid the shop.

'Beefsteak pie sky Rottnest Island'? 'My praps'? 'Devoid the shop'? Is it a subtle satire on the bakery? Is the site some sort of blogging spam? Now we've seen everything.

If you're on a boat to the beautiful island today you might well be screaming out for your praps. On Wednesday we heard about the ferry cancellations and filed something for the Post. The news dribbled out yesterday - see this WA Today report, for example. It says Oceanic will send one ferry today.

'He could not recall such an extended cancellation of ferry services in his 20 years on the island,' WAT writes about a bloke.

Our information is it's happened twice in recent memory: in 1992 (cyclone) and 1996 (bad weather but not quite cyclonic).

Have a prappy weekend.

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