Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Safely on WA's island holiday paradise. Or the seventh wonder of the Indian Ocean. We forget: we're giddy with delight at being here. Our plush premium water view digs are magnificent. Thomson Bay is before us, kiddies are splashing in the safety of the shark net, there's date loaf on the table...and the only thing between us and Perth is a seagull and a yacht which could be called Seaducer.

We forgot poo tickets, so have been to the shop and bought them, along with eggs, OJ and some other neccesities. Mrs Rotto Bloggo has already bought a very stylish Rottnest t-shirt: she describes it as "Rotto punk". It was on special too.

After the ferry we had eggs and coffee at Dome. The new Dome. It's lovely except for the loud doof-doof faux jazz. Or "South American elevator music" as Mrs RB called it. No trace left of the old Dome. It's mini-fenced off, with a sign imploring people to let it grow. A bit of a mystery as the ground is covered in some sort of strange grey matting/carpet.

More to come later today...

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