Sunday, May 31, 2009


Two sleeps to go. Where are they biting? Even if we don't catch anything, Rotto Bloggo will look good at the natural jetty with this Plano tackle system.

It's a belt with zipped pouches, but tackle system sounds so much better. It was a gift from the American in-laws. In two pouches are plastic containers, where you put your bait, hooks and whatnot. We guess the idea is to be mobile and not have to scamper back to the rock to bait up again. That is a hassle. But it's never a hassle coming back to the rock with a monster fish.

Rotto Bloggo doesn't fish anywhere else. But it's very soothing on Rottnest. It's kinda atavistic, catching your food. Mrs Rotto Bloggo gets bored with it and will stay home and knit.

Even thought we're only a Rottnest angler, we do like looking at fishing porn.

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  1. Anonymous8:00 PM

    Plano tackle systems were designed to catch wanabe fisherpersons, not fish.