Sunday, May 17, 2009

teaching Thomson

Rotto Bloggo became rebarbative this week upon hearing of a primary school in the western suburbs that took its kids on an excursion to Maylands.

"Did they have innoculations?" a bystander inquired.

It was an incredible revelation. We had laboured under the misapprehension these students stayed in the bucolic western suburbs.

Today's image was snapped at a western suburbs primary school that stays safely within the Golden Triangle. A school excursion to Rottnest: wonderful.

Rotto Bloggo has been racking its brains to try and remember where it went on school excursions. In primary school there was one to Kalgoorlie, during which we encountered grilled tomato for the first time. Hideous.

In high school there were camping trips out of Port Hedland, and an end-of-year trip out of Rossmoyne to some dank spot down south. Ghastly. The strongest memory is of watching kids lighting their farts.

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