Monday, May 18, 2009

green daylight

Never mind the Rottnest Orange on the buildings or the blue of the water - the beautiful island turned Green on the weekend.

Voters at the picture hall in the Freo by-election were solidly behind Adele Carles: she scored 49 out of 88.

Others: Peter Tagliaferri 21, informal six, Sam Wainwright four, and two each to Nik Varga, Jan ter Horst, Carmelo Zagami and Rosemary Lorrimar.

Rob Totten, Steve Boni, Andriette du Plessis, and Julie Hollett scored exactly null points.

The ABC's psephologist Antony Green had a bit of a tanty on Saturday night, wondering why the results from the hall weren't available, but we can't see it on his page today.

It was also a comfortable win for right-thinking daylight-saving aficionados, with 51 for and 37 against.

The latest rumours sweeping 'round the beautiful island after the weekend's voting:

A green latte-sipping quokka will be Carles' electorate officer...

Peter Tagliaferri is opening up an Interfoods branch at Geordie...

Jim McGinty will find the soul of the Labor Party at the bottom of the Rottnest trench...

Rotto is so fabulous it will still be OK even with no daylight saving later this year.

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  1. Anonymous9:50 AM

    I had to look up psephologist. I learned it meant 'lousy astrologer.'