Friday, May 22, 2009

still there

OMG the Cottesloe pylon is gone. Or it's hanging by a filament. Big news, anyway. There have been many news stories in the last 36 hours about wind and rain: Rotto has been copping the full force of the elements.

In yesterday's post we were going to theorise what the five wonders of the Indian ocean were, but couldn't think of enough. We'd settled on Phuket barmats, Mozambique's flag, and the pylon.

A wasted opportunity. Imagine how prescient we would have looked if we'd mentioned the pylon (which doesn't seem to have it's own Wikipedia entry).

Some good coverage of the downed pylon. Why are we talking about? Hats off to Chris Thomson at WAToday for his wonderful pic of the scene: you can see Rottnest in the background. It's still there! The Wadjemup lighthouse has withstood the hurricane and perfect storm. No worries.

* Pic is from WAToday. If the company or Chris is unhappy with its use here we will take it down immediately! Just spreading the word to the small army of Rotto Bloggo readers about the excellent work by Chris and WAToday!

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