Thursday, May 07, 2009

best job

The winner of that dream job has been announced. Rotto Bloggo has been chosen from 2.7 billion applicants to be the live-in model on Rottnest. Our every stroke on the putt-putt course at the Brett Heady Family Fun Centre, every wetting of a line, every page turned in books we read will be broadcast live on Teh Interwebs to show people what a paradise Rottnest is...

Oops. Sorry about that. We were fantasising about what could have been after reading stories on the Brit who's got that Hamilton Island job. Ben Southall will get $150,000 for having to snorkel, blog and swim. His Canadian girlfriend will be joining him.

"I hope I can sell the reef as much as everybody is expecting," Southall said after he was crowned the winner at a ceremony on Hamilton Island. "My swimming hopefully is up to standard."

What would we have said if we got an equivalent gig on Rotto? "I hope I can smoke herring to the quality everyone is expecting," Rotto Bloggo said after they were crowned Momentous Ambassador For Life For Rottnest. "My Scrabble tiles are stained with the tears of illiterate quokkas."


  1. Anonymous11:17 AM

    I watched the interviews with the winner and initially I was impressed, like for about 30 seconds, but then something about his self-confident persona started to grate. I became reminded of irritating door to door phone salesmen who come sniffing about sometimes.

  2. CANADIAN girlfriend? And so it ends.

  3. Canadian: potential board buster bonus in Scrabble.