Friday, May 15, 2009

rotto revenue

Good to see the beautiful island is doing its bit for the GFC (global financial crisis).

After yesterday's Budget 99,000 public servants are worried about losing their jobs, you'll have to get a bank loan to heat the house this winter - and the cost of time on Rottnest is going up.

After we saw the Perth Now headline Rotto Bloggo's heart hammered - but then we saw the hikes apply from July 1. Our 13-day retreat is still within budget (and, if today's Inside Cover is right, we may bump into Tourism Minister Liz Constable while we're over there).

"Fees for an extended stay will rise by $5.10 for adults (to $18) and by $5.50 for children aged 4-12 (to $6.50)," Perth Now reports. (Hikes of nearly 40 per cent and 650 per cent).

"Day tripper adults will be charged an extra $1.60 (to $14.50), while the day fare for children will rise by $4 (rising from $1 to $5). (Smaller hikes).

"Admission fees are normally included in the price of ferry tickets, which can be expected to rise to cover the increases.

"Seniors' fees will also rise for extended stays, by $2.40 (to $15.30), but will fall slightly for day trippers (down 60 cents to $12.30). (More for seniors: hike of around 18 per cent).

"However a new two-adults, two-children discount tariff for extended stays of $41.75 will be introduced."

Postscript: As usual, we should have looked at the source material before posting. This isn’t the end: there will be “CPI” hikes for the next five years. The cost of staying at the youth hostel steeples by about 30 per cent (from $26 to $35), and rugby teams will have to find about 25 per cent more for their 18-bed cottages at Governor’s Circle (from $430 to $525).

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