Friday, May 08, 2009

'building a house from the top down'

We're not often first with the news on Rotto Bloggo, but a media release has been fired moments ago from the Rottnest Society cannon.

The Society has asked Tourism Minister Liz Constable to delay the Island Management Plan "until building blocks are in place".

"The draft Rottnest Island Management Plan 2009-2014 (RIMP) attempts to have us believe that a local holiday and recreational island is the same as an ecotourism destination. This is, in our view, at odds with Sections 11 and 12 of the Rottnest Island Authority Act 1987 – to say nothing of the often-expressed wishes of the Western Australian community. This tension needs to be resolved before proceeding further," RS covenor Sue Folks said.

"the draft RIMP proposes the development of a number of strategies and plans which, when completed, should be building blocks on which the management plan is based - but which as yet are only sketchy outlines. Since these strategies and plans largely appear to support a divergence from the Act they should be developed after the Act is reviewed, and the purpose for which the island is managed is clarified."

Sue wants you to bone up on the Plan and - if you're concerned - contact Minister Constable and your local MP and support the Society’s position on this.

More information at or phone 9438 1413.

Pic is the logo of the Rottnest Society. We haven't got the all-clear from Sue but we're sure she won't mind.

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