Sunday, January 31, 2010

rotto photos

The RIA's Facebook page is doing a good job: it tells us The Lodge has slashed rates by 20 per cent, and there are nifty-looking photographic exhibitions coming up.

'If you like photography make sure you head to FotoFreo this March/April to check out some of the exhibitions - there will also be a fringe festival including exhibits on Rottnest...' says the RIA.

And indeed Botanical Portraits from Oliver Cardona is on at the Holy Trinity Church from 20 March to 18 April: 8am - 6.30pm, plus a Mass every day at 9am if you're so inclined.

'Botanical Portraits is a collection of flower studies that grow around the artist’s suburban house. Most of these plants are hardly ever noticed and sometimes considered as weeds either because they are too small, too common or grow too low. Looked at up close and in isolation however, the true beauty of these plants is exposed and intricate detail can be appreciated. Wild plant life is often taken for granted and often considered a nuisance around the house and we rarely stop and look at what the lawn mower is chewing up.'

Elizabeth McCaig also has something at The Lodge from 10 March - see the FotoFreo site for more.

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  1. Why don't they cut the numbers of vehicles on the island by 20% Or even 80%?