Monday, February 01, 2010

Rotto poles

More art news about the beautiful island just in.

This Rottnest scene oil is being exhibited in Freo until Feb 25.

It's the work of Liz Unwin, who says:

"This scene is from a photo I took of some old poles near the shore. I loved the patterns in the sea but, as this was my first oil painting, I found them difficult to reproduce. I managed to capture the effects eventually and learnt a lot in the process (thanks to Brian Simmonds, my art teacher)."

The exhibition is at Fidels, Essex Street, Fremantle.


  1. Hi David,
    Thanks for the link - looks good.
    I've done another painting of Rottnest - of the lighthouse (in pastel). Do you want me to let you know when it's featured on my blog?
    Kind regards,

  2. shazza7:20 AM

    Really like this.
    There is some great Rotto art around, especially in Freo. A Freo artist, Leon Holmes, is doing some beaut work too.

  3. I don´t comment often but visit well... alot, just wanted to say thanks and keep it up and Liz, love the painting! Tell me when they become postcards and I will get someone to send me one.....