Thursday, February 04, 2010

more dancing

Outstanding south-of-the-river blogger Fremantlebiz has given us an excuse to mention Under The Lighthouse Dancing again.

The last time we looked at UTLD it was primarily about the house built on the beautiful island for the film.

In his amusing post today, Mr Fremantlebiz wonders if Blame - being filmed in the hills as we speak - will make it onto next year's Oscars list.

"There have been a lot of non-Oscars for locally made feature films. The psycho-drama Last Train to Freo which I mentioned on 18 September 2006, failed to be nominated. Same thing with a local 2008 boxing epic featuring colourful real-life underworld identities titled Two Fists One Heart. It comes out on DVD next month.

"And who could forget the 1997 melodrama Under the Lighthouse Dancing which was made at great expense on our very own Rottnest Island: 'The story of six friends who journey to an island off the coast of Australia for the weekend. Two of them, Emma and Harry, announce that they intend to get married, but have made no plans, nor do they have a proper license. Emma also announces that she is very ill, and all she wants is a wedding. The other four friends then try to find a way to make it all happen…' Surprisingly, it also missed out on an Academy Award."

Mr Fremantlebiz reproduces the UTLD poster - which has emboldened us to do so as well.

Speaking of local fillums, we wonder if the cast and crew of Harlequin were able to see Rotto from the groovy house they were in?

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