Sunday, February 21, 2010


We were buggered yesterday, and all we did was hoon about on the Eco Express, then stand at the finish line, have a coffee and walk to the lighthouse.

How did the swimmers feel?

"Over the moon," winner Deane Pieters said in a flat voice when asked by the meedja how he felt after finishing first. He had google marks imprinted into his head and squinted out of his left eye. "I've still got the shakes," he added, and we marvelled at his trembling legs and the sticky tape on his nipples.

The first woman said she got "stung to buggery" during the first thousand metres. "You look up and you think you're nearly there but then there's still two ks to go."

Peter Thomson finished somewhere between third and fifth - our notes are unsatisfactory - but he said he had maximum respect for those who took eight hours or more to finish. "They're the real heroes," he said.

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