Sunday, February 07, 2010


Big it up for Jess Manea: she had a fab time on the beautiful island and still has that Rotto magic.

Snorkelling, fishing and her first game of mini-golf at Brett Heady's Family Fun Centre - it was the perfect time on Rottnest.

Even Canadian nurses fall in love with the beautiful island. "Arriving at Rotto at sunset will be one of the most beautiful sites of this trip," said Brittany, Danielle, Jodie and Valena from southern Alberta.

"There is a cute pub on the island that we went to and on the way we had our first encounter with Quokkers. These creatures are tiny little marsupials that look like miniture kangaroos and are only on this island."

It was so good they swore they were in the Caribbean.

We love this pic of a tree on Rottnest by Flickr user MonzTris.

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