Friday, February 19, 2010

calm before storm

The dredging has stopped. The grease is ready. The butterflies are flapping their wings.

Only a few hours to go until the big swim. The POST has a marvellous story today about a 15-year-old ready to tackle the waves while recovering from a broken arm.

That is the spirit! That's how we fought Johnny Turk to a standstill and repelled the Japs at Kokoda.

All being well - if we don't sleep in - Rotto Bloggo will be north of the Cottesloe beach start line at 0515 tomorrow.

If we take enough pics and get enough quotes we can milk it for a week's blogging.

In the meantime, we will gaze at this restful island scene we spied while waiting for documents on level 6 in the Federal Magistrate's Court this morning.

It is Barbara Chapman's Rottnest View, 1996, oil on gesso.

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