Sunday, February 08, 2009

villa d'angst

'The stunning coastline and azure waters of Rottnest demanded a simple and classic design.'

I don't think we've blogged about the house for fabled film Under the Lighthouse Dancing before. See here for pics of the domicile - the work of Eastwood Design.

What do you think? Casual, 'Matisse motifs', a lot of blue, shutters and bi-folds. There's a hint of Bali/Lombok there, yes?

How we wish UTLD was a better film. Not too many are made on the beautiful island.

It gets 5.6/10 on IMDB. Some of the user comments on the site are interesting:

'There was a reason for the Australian media to have it in for this production: lead actress Jacqueline MacKenzie was nominated in the 1997 Australian Film Awards for two other films in two equal Best actress categories: one was a Melbourne cinema-movie drama ANGEL HEART and another was a TV movie. As LIGHTHOUSE was filming at the time, the producers and director (incredibly) refused to let her leave the set and briefly travel back to the Eastern States to the Awards night. She was extremely upset. Then, to the collective embarrassment of everyone she won the two awards for both roles, an unheard-of achievement in Australian type "Emmy/Oscar". But she wasn't there to be on stage, she was stuck on the LIGHTHOUSE set, missing out on the one mighty acting awards achievement accolade of her career. As a result, there was an almost mutiny against Director Rattigan and the film was doomed to be the sour blot on his and her career. The actors refused to allow ANY publicity on LIGHTHOUSE, walked through the rest of their roles and laughed out loud at the mention of the film getting released.'

The house was re-built in Attadale.


  1. NotinAttadale7:52 AM

    Actually it was rebuilt in Bicton. Close to Attadale...

  2. Anonymous10:32 AM

    The house overlooks Bicton Baths. It's adjacent to the steps leading from the car park.