Wednesday, February 18, 2009

get into rehab

Weeding and sand dune rehabilitation can be deadly dull...except when it's on Rottnest.

The tireless Rottnest Society wants volunteers to spend some time helping improve the beautiful island later this year.

Dune rehabilitation and revegetation is June 12 to 14; tree planting is July 31 to August 2; and weeding is September 18 to 20.

The Society has booked Caroline Thomson cabins for volunteers.

“The Rottnest Island Authority will provide ferry vouchers plus Saturday night’s accommodation in exchange for 10 hours work over Saturday and Sunday,” said the Society's Sue Folks.

“Volunteers will pay $20 for Friday night’s accommodation and provide their own meals.”

For further details contact Sue on 9438 1413, 0411 880 199 or


  1. I did this a couple of years ago - really good fun and a good feeling about it too.

  2. good on you cellobella. see people? do good and feel good on Rottnest!