Friday, February 06, 2009

'exponential beauty'

"You know how in tourism advertisements for warm places like Australia, they always show white sandy beaches, clear blue water, and girls in bikinis? And sure, you think, those things exist - but surely that's an optimistic or idealistic view of the destination. Those places must be remote, or few and far between, or cost a pretty penny to get to. Well as it turns out, they are here in Australia, and not just here and there, but everywhere! It's hard to believe it when you see it -- that water can be that clear, sand that soft, girls that skinny."

We like the cut of sarahdownundah's jib. She has a lovely post on the beautiful island, and some excellent pics of skinks and bays.

"...the island has a certain charm about it and its beauty is simply exponential." Righteous.

We must include a small mention of the RCS (15 days to go). We saw this poll, asking for the 'Top Ten Moments in Open Water Swimming History'. Imagine our dismay when the Rotto event has attracted hardly any votes.

Leading the poll is something called the 1956 Traversata dello Stretto. Then there's John Kinsella (we assume no the JK who writes poetry about the Wheatbelt) in second place. Matthew Webb's English Channel effort is third.

Gerd von Dincklage-Schulenburg's epic 1956 journey has a mere five votes, out of more than 700 cast. Come on people!

Many thanks to sarahdownundah for permission to use her pic.


  1. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Hey, looks good! Thanks for asking rather than just yanking like some do. I realize (and am embarrassed) that there is an unnecessary apostrophe in "it's beauty is simply exponential." -- so it has been fixed in the original post, and you should be nice and fix it here, too! Otherwise, the grammar police will be around to arrest us shortly, I'm sure. Oh yes, and it's sarahdownundah, not sara... sorry, pet peeve. :)

  2. watch that apo abuse sarahdownundahwood. otherwise you'll be Trussed up over a Rotto bbq. have fixed up. come back to Rotto soon!