Thursday, February 05, 2009

Simon and David go Rotto

“The black line on the bottom of the pool does not prepare you for Gage Roads.”

So says Simon Beaumont in this excellent item on the forthcoming Rottnest Channel Swim.

The super-fit broadcast boy hasn’t been spending enough time in salty water to get him in swim-shape.

“This has been the summer of the shark sighting, this has been the summer of no open water swimming, this will be the Channel Swim when I sink like a Colin Barnett election promise.”

I reckon David Byrne isn’t swimming to Rotto today. According to the ABC, the 56-year-old Talking Head could be on the beautiful island. Mrs Rotto Bloggo was at the zoo last night, but she didn’t mention if he said he’d be there. Keep an eye out for him and send us a pic if you spot him at the Basin or the hotel.

Today’s pic is ‘That’s Rotto’, a fine artwork by Debra Corbett. Check it (and other works) out here.

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