Saturday, February 14, 2009


It's only February - Happy Valentine's Day - but we may have already seen the Rottnest news story of the year.

'A woman is suing her husband for running over her leg with his boat in Thomson Bay during the Rottnest Channel Swim three years ago.'

Look. If you bash someone with a boat you have to expect the worst. This otherwise outstanding Philippa Perry story doesn't give vessel details.

'Wendy De Bie, 50, of Halls Head, was a first-time competitor in the 19.2km swim in 2006, swimming in the team event with her family.

'But towards the end of the race, which was one of the worst crossings on record because of weather conditions, Mrs De Bie’s leg got caught in the propeller of her support boat and was severely gashed.'

The family that swims (and sues) together stays together.

“I just got picked up by a wave and just basically thrown up against the back of the boat,” she said this week. “I had a smashed femur and lost a lot of blood.”

'Mrs De Bie has lodged a writ in the District Court claiming her husband, Arend Abraham De Bie, negligently skippered their boat, Pletemella, in Thomson Bay, causing her injuries.'

Hard to sue the wave. Maybe Mrs De Bie will also sue the Rottnest Island Authority for not providing a safe swimming experience in Thomson Bay? What does Pletemella mean?

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