Friday, January 01, 2010


Rotto Bloggo has been lucky enough to have a New Year on the beautiful island: it was magic welcoming 2007 from the balcony of a plush Geordie Bay waterfront pad.

Our warmest wishes and creeping envy go out to everyone there last night and today.

Here are a few recent Facebook posts to try and make you feel like you're there/just been there/going there.

Forgot what it was like bike riding around Rottnest Island - a great way to keep fit but sunburnt and "sore". Thanks for the day Em,Han and Liam!!!

is off to rottnest :-)

subway goon and ipod on rottnest island :)

yay im at rottnest :D time to party at the rottnest pub tonight :p cocktail time soon

Just to let you all know tht we survived the fires and thanks to those who rang. It missed us by about 5k's and ,but for a wind change, we could have been in serious trouble. We are currently self medicating at Rottnest

is onto the ferry this arvo to entertain the punters at Hotel Rottnest. Have a good one, see y'all next year!

Snorkling at Rottnest yesterday. Put my foot down on a rock and after a couple of minutes felt something on my foot. Looked down & saw a big octopus trying to sucker itself to my foot. Yuk!

rottnest island here we come

We had a such a nice time @ Rottnest island it was Fun,Fun,Fun!!!!! My anniversary was so romantic.............thanx love.

is having a wonderful time in Fremantle.. spent the day cycling and swimming at Rottnest yesterday and is celebrating ten years with Jard today.. happy anniversary baby :-)

went to Rottnest Island today with spence and had a great day -lots of sun, sea and quokkas!!!!!!!!!

Rottnest was awesome- but: Bikes hurt my bottom, seasickness sucks and sunburn hurts me everywhere!

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