Sunday, January 17, 2010

unlimited farrago

Sometimes we feel like strangers in a strange land on the Internet. For example: "Australia is an in conclusion singular country, which allows the tourists to design roughly anything from it. The farrago in land & embankment is unlimited, outrageous and enormous trimming vastly from pretentious deserts to the white sandy beaches."

Right right. The bizarre language on Florida-Sportsman-Magazine must be read to be believed. This is their assessment of the beautiful island:

"What creates Perth the unusual electrifying city we know, is the enthralling and lovely captivate of Perth Beaches. Closer to Perth, The Basin at Rottnest Island is a easeful firth colored with far-reaching accumulation of fish. It is a mental condition mark for those who love to snorkel and swim."

F-S-M also likes Cottesloe, Lancelin and Broome: "where furious bottlenose dolphins continually come ashore to give the air a blithe lick and swelling the happiness that’s regularly in the air of Australia."

It sounds like Jesper trying to imitate a drunk Jane Austen while experiencing a G-force of 4.2.

We asked Internet guru Bret Treasure what F-S-M is for (we thought it might be to dispense malware).

But BT said "it's probably just some near randomly generated text to try and score web traffic so that they get ad revenue".

Strange days indeed.

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  1. shazza6:41 AM

    Far-reaching accumulation of fish with a mental condition. I'd never thought about the Basin quite like that before. I shall go there with a brand new appreciation.