Tuesday, January 26, 2010

island time!

It was tough on Cottesloe today: we've just returned from that scrap of sand after photographing many young women in bikinis as they strove to break a record of some sort.

It involved floating on thongs, but we were distracted by the sight of the beautiful island - which seemed only metres away. It seemed so close we could swear we saw lucky people fishing from the natural jetty.

On our sulky drive home we heard that ad for Island Time on the radio (Rottnest: Take me to the island!").

It suggested we point our browser to island dash time dot come dot au - we misheard and forgot the dot au, and were confronted with advertising for a manifestly inferior island called Rattan or something off the coast of Honduras. Honduras!

But the dot au version is tops. Check it out and resolve to get there soon. We know we did.

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