Friday, January 08, 2010

anchor angst

An unsecured anchor meant heartache for some divers at Rottnest last week.

Two men anchored at Little Armstrong Bay on Friday and went underwater.

The Bayliner dragged its anchor onto the reef and sustained gel coat damage and scratches.

When the divers came back to the surface after only 20 minutes they were surprised to find their craft gone.

“ A couple of lads in a zodiac helped by ferrying one diver to the boat after he surfaced,” a witness said.

The divers stood on the reef and tried to coax their craft back into deeper water.

Senior Constable Matt Oakley from Rottnest police said boats drifting because they hadn't been properly secured was a frequent occurrence.

“There's a major incident every couple of weeks,” he said.

“Boats don't always end up on the rocks but there are plenty of close calls.”

Sen-Const Oakley said it was essential to follow basic safety rules when anchoring a boat at Rottnest.

“It's always good to dive straight down and check your anchor is secure and not dragging,” he said.

“It's also advisable to have another person stay on the boat while others are diving.

“Make sure your equipment is serviceable, and tell someone where you're going and when you'll be back.”

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  1. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Thomson Bay used to be a bad place to anchor because there was only a thin layer of sand over a thicker layer of old weed. An anchor could drag even though it appeared ok when first set.