Saturday, January 09, 2010

grill sergeant

This culinary news in from the RIA's Facebook page:

'This Friday, Saturday and Sunday Hotel Rottnest will be hosting 'Hot Off the Grill' with Celebrity Chef Don Hancey. He will be serving up dishes fresh from the grill in the courtyard. Matt Gresham will be playing from 8pm Friday and Saturday.'

If you get in your Bayliner now you'll be there with time to spare for the entertainment.

We don't get out much, but we hadn't heard of Hancey before. As well as being a celeb, he is a consultant. He certainly writes like a consultant: "We use an holistic approach to all levels of business by way of incorporating sustainable and best management practices."

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  1. shazza8:01 AM

    Never heard of Hancey either. Though I too, don't get out much.

    Have just booked for May - yay.