Sunday, January 24, 2010

seduced bays

The brutish fog of our champagne hangover cleared suddenly this morning when we read this.

From the first few words we knew we were in for a treat:

"Going to Australia in old times, was not an easy job. The flight fares were high, the routings were complicated and hectic and affordability was simply, out of question."

It gets much better, and not only because it's about the beautiful island. We reproduce it here, but you may want to inspect it in situ, and copied and pasted here.

"However, today, where all fields and industries have modernized and diversified to play their part in making the world a global village, Travel Industry is also offering compatible fares for Australia with direct or indirect flights to Australia. The fares from Business class to economy, all are at promotions and discounts to boost tourism in the country.

"Perth city is flat and compact, easily navigated and proud of its safe and friendly environment, a perfect place for a special day out or stay. Excellent shopping, eating out, entertainment, culture and heritage, leisure and sport are all within close proximity in city centre. Visit Rottenest Island, where u can explore history, bike ride to secret beaches and kakyak to seduced bays. It is just a short ferry ride from Perth.

"Rottnest Island is a popular holiday destination for locals and tourists, and because of its close proximity to Perth your stay there can be as long or short as u like, due to the frequencies of ferry services to the Island day trips are very popular. Rottnest provides all that is required for a relaxing get away, coral reefs make for fantastic diving and snorkeling; hidden bays and deserted cycle paths waiting to be explored. The small marsupial quokka a bit like a small kangaroo only exists on this Island Rottnest coastlines very attractive, there are numerous secluded bays with clear water and white beaches to rival any island in the world. With over 60 beaches to choose there is no shortage of choice, at the top of every hill and the turn of every corner, another one comes in to view. All bays are popular spots for swimming and dazzling on the beach.

"Rottnest Island also has historical value and many historical places to visit one can go for a guided tour to aboriginal prison or Rottnest museum. Rottnest settlement was originally established as a prison for aborigines from the mainland, although there were no new prisoners from 1903,the existing prisoners had to serve out there sentences before 1920.The island is a sacred site for Noongar because hundreds of there people died there.

"Rottnest Islands Mediterranean climate, native flora and fauna like pines and tea trees makes it a must experience of Perth.Popular island activities include cycling around the island, golf, mini golf, tennis and lawn bowls. There’s also a hop-on-hop off bus service, as well as guided tours exploring the early colonial buildings, lighthouse and the islands crucial role in World War I and II."

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  1. shazza6:33 AM

    The routing is complicated and hectic? At least it's affordable.