Friday, January 22, 2010

movies and moving

We almost jumped in our luxury craft Bylines to charge across to the beautiful island: District 9 is on at 8pm at the movies.

The picture hall has a nifty Facebook presence: we love seeing what's on. Of course the greatest cinematic experience we've had at Rotto (apart from sitting next to a 16-year-old girl we were hanging out with when we were also 16 - we saw the Village People movie) was seeing Borat, with Americans.

The RIA is getting the hang of FB, too: this is their most recent post: "Ahhh snorkelling bliss. Great visibility, perfect weather - heavenly". 32 people like it so far.

And speaking of online entities and the beautiful island, Simon Beaumont (for it is he) seems to have started blogging again in preparation for the channel swim on February 20.

Simon is the engine room of Team Curly. Good thing, too...

"My team is incredibly underdone. Morale is down, skinfolds are up. Our preparation has been characterised by politics, in fighting and corruption. A bit like the state Labor Party..."

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