Saturday, January 16, 2010

still there

We love this description of the beautiful island by a bloke trying to build a boat:

"Spent a week at Rottnest Island, off the coast of Perth, WA. This is a beautiful place, and still not destroyed by over development. The famous pub "Quokka Arms" is a bit more like "McDonalds with Beer" these days, and there are security guards (groan), but the view is still there and the beer's cold."

We were on the coast yesterday and drank in the view from Cottesloe. A bit hazy, but still satisfactoty. Would you believe we could see the beautiful island from this spot, but it doesn't come out in the photo. Shame.

These blokes also had a fab time: "The ride home was very entertaining the bow splash was spectacular."

That's a long way from complaining about only being able to see water from the ferry.

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  1. shazza6:57 AM

    I'm with the boat builder, I resent security at the Rotto pub. Little Creatures in Freo is one of the busiest pubs in Perth yet have no 'bouncers'. If they can manage it, with responsible service of alcohol, why can't Rotto?