Sunday, January 03, 2010

Lodge labour

Big it up for Antonia, who starts work on the beautiful island today.

Ms Wohlfahrt has been in WA for about a month: Freo, Scarborough, Perth and of course Rottnest.

"I have luck! I got a job at Rottnest Island...on Sunday,03/01/2010 I start at the biggest resort there - housekeeping at Rottnest Lodge," she writes on her blog.

"That will be such a great time at this beautiful spot! Just 25 keys when you want to go completely around with the bike; no cars on the whole island, the sea everywhere and a absolutly great nature!!!"

No argument there.

Hopefully a Rottnest pic will take the place of that Queensland scene at the top of her blog.

Of course, the Lodge has up to 80 rooms - we trust Antonia won't have to look after them all herself.

The Lodge website isn't too flash - no specials or reason to return - but there are pushing conferences (prices unknown).

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  1. shazza9:10 AM

    I referred to the Lodge and the Dodge after my first stay. However it did redeem itself somewhat the 2nd time. Still can't beat the units though IMHO.
    Looking forward to updates from Antonia.