Saturday, January 02, 2010


Mother In Law's Quilt: no, it's not a new strain of Paterson's Curse - it's a delightful creation whipped up on Rottnest.

We've been admiring Helen's blog, Patchy Work of Mini Grey, for the tantalising details of the beautiful island.

"We are still in Rottnest and still waiting on the call for Daz's placement..... but the sewing goes on in the meantime, well a little bit of sewing," she reports.

"I sewed the binding on this quilt and brought it over to do the hand sewing in time to finish it for my Mother In Law's birthday on the 3rd. I have finished ahead of schedule!"

The sewing is quality work. We also like the plastic chairs, fibro fences and cross balcony struts of worker housing you can see in the images.

Helen doesn't have a tape measure: who will send her one?

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