Saturday, August 01, 2009

nice apperrance

The pub has been gonged: the Heritage Council has given it one of their awards, reports The West.

“The faithful stabilisation and conservation of the Rottnest Island Hotel has undone 60 years of neglect and, at times, insensitive adaptation,” the Minister said. "The project has reinstated the building as an imposing, iconic structure, which is appropriate for the setting.”

The new-look hotel isn't bad. A lot of glass. The beer garden is very low-care: the quokka poo can be hosed off the Astroturf in the morning.

No awards from a clown from Baltimore called mumbles18: he won't return unless he's with friends...

"went to rottnest island with ian. it was nice in apperrance, but there is nothing to do there. these rate like wallabies roam the island, literally covering just about all of it. there was one bar, which closed at 10. I definitely would not go back, unless it was with a group of people during the summer."

Which bar is mumbles18 referring to? It's a mystery.

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  1. Anonymous7:58 PM

    Could be the bar in the Lodge? Sounds like there were 17 other 'mumbles' before he rocked up.