Saturday, July 25, 2009

pinpointing pirates

On Thursday there will be an eye in the sky above the beautiful island: an unmanned aerial vehicle will be droning - ha! - around Rottnest.

It will be patrolling a beach patrol, searching for a man overboard and identifying pirates and people.

Pirates on/around Rotto? You better believe it.

This story in The West a couple of weeks ago had all the details.

The Cyber Eye V1 is a "...fully autonomous craft, which has a 7m wing span and can reach up to 160kmh, is fitted with a day/night video camera capable of reading a car licence plate from a height of 150m and can transmit real-time images back to a hand-held monitor."

Is V1 the happiest name for a flying object?

We look forward to this innovative device being used to detect imperfections in the mini-golf course, identifying naughty beach drinkers, and searching for quokka abuse.

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