Thursday, July 02, 2009

George on Rotto

The US Navy is coming to Rotto: WA Today reports the "sailors, flyboys and flygirls" of the nuke-powered aircraft carrier George Washington will be scuba diving at the beautiful island.

Imagine watching the huge warship drift across the horizon as you're sinking a pint at the hotel. We've been avidly scouring the ship's website for details and specs.

This pic shows the mail being sorted in a hanger. Of course you can't get mail if you're on Rotto.

The beautiful island has a windmill, but the GW has "two nuclear reactors that permit the ship to steam for almost 18 years before refueling".

And the 97,000 tonne ship even has a media office - just like Rotto - and it's paper is The Guardian.

Where will the sailors and naval aviators be snorkelling? Tip offs welcome.

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