Monday, July 06, 2009

rotto dumbo

"How many metres above sea level is rottnest island in WA? can't find the answer anywhere!"

Is anyone else disconcerted by this question? The Wikipedia entry says the island's elevation is 46 metres. No doubt the main lighthouse?

Someone on that page says "about 12m". I wonder why you'd need to know.

There have been other Rotto questions. Sturm and drang and angst were released last week when the guvmint announced new fishing charges and rules.

Foe example, you'll have to pay $30 if you want to fish from a boat.

A question asked in this story in The West: "“We’ll be talking to the government about operational details, like is the Rottnest ferry a boat? If you go out to Rottnest and fish from the shore and then get back on the boat, do you need a licence?”

Enjoy our pic today. It was plucked from the sea while on rocks near Longreach last month.

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